Tanker-57 - Tanker-57

Tanker-57 is a 1997 peterbilt 377 pulling a 6000 gallon Stainless Steel Tank Corporation trailer. Unit features an 1800 gpm hale pump powered by a 260 hp turbo Dutz engine mounted on the trailer. The pump has seven 5" discharges with one 3" that is piped directly thru the tank to a 1250 gpm Akron hi-riser deck gun mounted on the rear top end of the trailer. The right rear fender of the trailer holds 50' of 5" LDH supply line. The left rear fender holds 2-150' of 1 3/4" preconnects.There are also two rear reels, one on each side of the trailer, with 50'of 3" LDH supply line. It also is equipped with a 10kw AMPS generator supplying eight 750 watt quarts lights. This unit also has two SCBA tanks on it.

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